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 Hardware and Software Requirements

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System Operation  <top>
After registering, I login and get a thin box with nothing in it. What happened? Why can't I do a search?
The final step of the registration process lets you select the counties you wish to search as well as the billing plan for each county. If you did not save this information, then the thin box appears since no county was selected. To fix this, login and click the
Modify Account link in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then select the Billing Plan link which displays the page where the billing plans are selected. After selecting the billing plans, click the Save Billing Plan button at the bottom. This will force a re-login at which point you will see the counties you selected for searching.

When I perform a search, it seems I never find the document for which I am looking. What am I doing wrong?
Remember, ALL the criteria you enter must match in order for a document to appear on the search results list. So, if you have entered a name, a date, a document type, and a file number; and the document type does not match, the document will not appear. If you have a book/page or a file number, that is normally all you need to enter to go directly to your document. Name searches alone work well, but be sure to enter the names as shown.

Why am I not able to view images?
Most BasinLandRecords.com images are standard Group IV TIFF images. Your computer needs to have a viewer that is capable of viewing these images. With Windows 7 or later, the Windows Photo Viewer works well with BasinLandRecords.com images. Please refer to our Image Viewing Help Page for more information.

Are there any hot keys available with BasinLandRecords.com?
The normal Windows hot keys are applicable. Also, on the Search Criteria screen, ALT-S will select the SEARCH button.

How often are these database updated?
It depends on the county, but we receive records for every county at least once a month.


Billing Questions  <top>
How can I review my outstanding charges?
After logging in, you will find a
Review Current Bill link in the upper right hand corner of most BasinLandRecords.com pages. Click that and then select Detail Invoice or Summary Invoice to view the charges that are outstanding.

When will I receive an invoice for outstanding charges?
For Standard Rate plans where you pay for the searches you perform, billing occurs on or near the end of the month in which the charges were incurred. For Subscription plans, billing occurs at the start of the month or on or near the day of the first transaction for the month.

Will I receive a record of charges incurred?
Yes. Your invoice includes detailed information of your charges.

Can I change my e-mail address or other account information I previously provided?
Please email support@BasinLandRecords.com and we will make those changes for you.


Hardware and Software Requirements  <top>
  • High speed Internet connection
  • TIFF Image Viewer
  • PDF Image Viewer like Acrobat

Refer to our Image Viewing Help Page for more information)